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The Persian Mauser model 1310

Let’s dive once again into the Mauser nebula with the “model 1310”. We never get tired of it! Many years ago, the French legislation was very restrictive with “war caliber” weapons. By this time, one could own only few of them and could not set a large collection of military repeating rifles in their war caliber. Ah! If only wishes came true… But as good things come to those who wait (or so the saying goes), the extension in 2013 of the right of acquisition then authorized the possession of these sumptuous copies now classified in the “old” weapons category: times are a changin.


The ancient Persian Empire would give birth to Iran on March 21st, 1935, after many political upheavals that would not stop. The modernization of the State, which had had a constitution since 1906, had also been carried out in a field not as vital as heavy industry, education, or equipment: that of armaments. In 1925, General Reza Khan, put in power by the Constituent Assembly, undertook to rationalize here as well an important number of diverse already existing weapons inherited from all the countries that had had trouble with Iran by choosing “Mauser” weapons. But it would be Belgium and Czechoslovakia that would provide them up from the 30s. After the invasion of the latter by the Germans, these weapons would be manufactured locally as well as the ammunition in a factory created thanks to the arsenal of Brno.

In line with the export model of the Czech firm, there are the inevitable differences that make the richness of “Mauser” weapons. It by the way illustrates that all the wishes for rationalization remain in general only wishes. This version also called 98/29 stands out for no less than four sling attachment points: rear band, trigger guard, stock, enough to present the sling under many options: parade, transport, storage, but also stacking with that of the front band which is offset on the right. Also, in the register of differences, we can highlight two grip grooves machined into the front part of the stock under the rear sight, a front sight well protected by two strong ears that seem crushed and a specific rear band held by a transverse screw. The weapon comes from the G98 standard of the Second Reich, the Lange rear sight without.

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    Pierre Breuvart

    Shooter. Collector. Military training. Now retired after 22 years of service. Reservist of the French Gendarmerie Nationale (all smallarms Shooting Instructor).

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