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Our partners
Shop and workshop
All shooters or hunters and more or less collectors but each expert in their fields.
You will thus have with us the best advice on: hunting, shooting, the collection in addition to the gunsmith advice that everyone has been practicing for many years.
Online shop.
All weapons and accessories available for mail-ordre sale. Regularly updated. Provides an up-to-date global view of SDS availability.
Nobel Empire Corp.
Game developer company which made the ``World of Guns``. Available on Steam, iOS, Android. World of Guns is firearm simulator, 3D encyclopedia and a game. A wonderful tool about weapon mechanic.
Atelier Saint-Étienne Gunsmith
Gilles Sigro Peyrousère is a gunsmith graduated from the gunsmithing school of Saint-Étienne is an expert about ancient weapons for the French Department of Justice. He is at your disposal for the valuation and expertise of your antique weapons and your historical objects (uniforms, hairstyles, badges, decorations) as well as all your collections. Atelier Saint-Étienne, Gilles Sigro holds ministerial authorizations for the trade and manufacture of war weapons of all categories and as such, can find the solutions adapted to each of your requests, all in compliance with the legislation .
Armorer for several generations Armas Izarra is an emblematic figure of the Spanish Basque gunsmithing landscape. Located in the heart of the Spanish gunmaking region, Armas Izarra specializes in the history of its region. Active member of the creation and maintenance of the Museum of the Armory Industry of Eibar.
Dr. Ambroise
Emergency doctor in duty within Emergency and SMUR, medical referent for Khimaira Strategy Tactics, former Doctor in the French Forces, 11th Brigade Parachutiste, Dr. Ambroise is also a shooting sport enthusiast since 2002. Rapid fire and Field Shooting competitor, his interest about small arms is centered on military weapon of all ages.

Diplômé de la Capacité de Médecine d’Urgence,
du DU d’Urgence des Temps de Crise,
du DIU de Prise en charge des traumatismes sévères,
du DU d’échographie clinique appliquée à l’urgence,
de Réanimation Avancée Néonatale et Pédiatrique - EPALS,
du DU Analgésie - Sédation - Urgences vitales,
et formé Unité Médicale de Décontamination des Armées.

Website under construction...to be continued

French gunshop specialized in surplus weapons.
Arnaud Lamothe
Independent expert for the French Departement of Justice, former technical manager for the Ministry of the Interior, specialized in the technical and legislative sectors of firearms and particularly in training in these areas.

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