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If you’re reading this, you’re certainly wondering “why” we created the LAI Publication site. The reason is simple and can be summed up in one word: passion. This site is above all a site made by enthusiasts. But let’s not be simplistic and go to the end of things.


The passion for armament, militaria, technique and history is obviously the common thread between the various protagonists linked to the creation and operation of this website. But this passion can take on many aspects and focus on different things from one individual to another. We wanted to make this diversity a complementarity here. We consider plurality of opinion as a wealth and not as a handicap. Through our analyses, our objective is to give you keys to understanding, so that you can nourish your own reflections.

With this in mind, we are here committed to publishing the work of various authors, and not a formatted speech. We are not intended to make you adopt any ideology or trying to sell your “available human brain time” to advertisers. Here we are only talking about weapon, history and technique… not politics.

In the name of this principle, the management of LAI Publication undertakes not to change the substance of the articles without their authors’ consent. It should be noted that this is not always the case: some editorial offices take this right upon themselves and without even informing the authors. Sometimes for unclear purposes…

Nothing like this here, the authors keep their rights on their works before and after publication.

Finally, passion is about being shared, and that’s what we want to do with you.

What does “LAI” mean?

“LAI” stands for the French technical term “Levier Amplificateur d’Inertie” which means in English “Inertia Amplifier Lever”. In the French military jargon, it designates the part on which the FA-MAS operates. Used for the first time by the Hungarian inventor Pál Király, this device allows the amplification of an effort necessary to move a mass. This is described in more detail in our website. Why this choice? Through this acronym, the creators of the site wanted to reconcile armament, history, technique, military world, and pay tribute to a French production.

Why a website?

Obviously, the website seemed to us to be the most effective vehicle for the dissemination of information. It is this same approach that led us to translate our entire production into English. If we can all state here a legitimate attachment to paper productions, we must recognize their limit in the field of dissemination and easy consultation. Of course, paper productions also have many advantages in addition to their often-prestigious appearance. We simply consider the two things as complementary and have made the choice to promote accessibility, both in terms of practicality and price! One can only imagine the price of the content of this site on a paper version, even on the day of its launch!

The website also allows us greater flexibility in publishing. Thus, our authors are free to choose the format of their articles, which is generally not the case with written productions which also limit the number of words or illustrations per article. The author is also free to return to his productions, in order to update them when they acquire new information.

This freedom is also that of delay: our authors are not constrained in time for their production. Some works will take time to come to fruition. Conversely, some current topics can be treated here with responsiveness.

This last point also explains why we have chosen to offer an annual subscription and not a monthly one. Through this choice we clearly state our commitment: the quality and quantity of a library, not the frugality and ephemerality of a journal.

Why pay and subscribe?

First of all, because all work deserves a salary: the subscription to the site makes it possible to finance the work of the authors, and this in complete independence. To this end, most of the profits are donated to our authors and contribute to provide the means necessary for the realization of their productions. We have chosen not to succumb to the advertising business model. This is an ethical choice. Several authors of the site have already published via other media. They have sometimes seen how much pressure advertisers can exert on newsrooms and perhaps in spite of themselves and without direct action. This pressure, because of the financial weight, necessarily impedes the content published in favor of their products. It is a question of not being prudish or naïve: advertising is an economic model that has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, no advertising does not mean no partnership. The topics discussed here are subjects of enthusiasts who work in a microcosm, especially in metropolitan France. Thus, the authors are free to work with gunsmiths, suppliers, shooting clubs or any other economic actors of their choice. They are also free to quote and thank these people in their articles. They are even encouraged to declare these partnerships in their works: this contributes to the transparency towards the reader! However, LAI Publication undertakes to ensure that no direct impact is exercised on the site. 

The only customer is the reader just as the only editor is the author.

To conclude

Through this article, the creators of the site hope to have answered the questions you may have about our motivations and choices. On this day, LAI Publication is already a real library at your disposal. And do not doubt it, it will increase, day after day. We hope it will give you a lot of fun.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

Arnaud Lamothe & Jean-Paul Sapé

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    Jean-Paul Sape

    Self-taught gunsmith from the Aeronautical industry, Jean-Paul put his knowledge at the service of his passion to create SDS, a gunshop specializing in the repair, restoration, creation and modification of weapons and accessories for military and civilian use. Co-founder of the LAI Publications site, his passion drives his every actions.

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