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A pistol pair of Mr. ROUZGAS, gunsmith in Toulouse

When the “Exposition des Arts et de l’Industrie de 1965” was held in Toulouse, Mr. ROUZEGAS, a gunsmith working at the 4 place des Carmes exhibited (among other things) a pair shooting pistols with ebony stocks completed with its accessories. The whole was displayed in a walnut case and offered for the price of 280 gold francs of that time.

Among the exhibited weapons, five were crafted by Mr. Rouzegas himself. In this work, this exhibitor showed taste: the stocks were beautiful, and the crafting of the parts perfectly cared for. Advantageously known in Toulouse (South-Western France) for more than forty years by gentlemen hunters, Mr. Rouzegas had always carried out the work entrusted to him in the most professional manners. In these various respects, the jury awarded this exhibitor a 2nd class silver medal.

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    Gilles Sigro-Peyrousère

    Graduated gunsmith from the Saint-Étienne Gunsmithing School, Gilles has a strong passion for history, weapons and militaria. Self-employed gunsmith for more than 30 years, Expert for the French Department of Justice in antique weapons, he has appraised numerous collections for auction all over France.

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