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Warwick Tactical pistols: standard perfection!

In the semi-automatic pistol category, and for more than a century now the Colt 1911 has probably been the most imitated, copied and cloned pistol of them all! Let’s say it’s to the handgun what the AR-15 is to the semi-automatic rifle! The work of John Moses Browning is always a reference about reliability and accuracy for those who know how to prepare it technically and specifically to use it. But this craze is also linked to its country of origin, the USA where the weapon has become legendary with more than a century of service use by different institutions. Like the AR-15, the “soft power” has projected it into the collective imagination to levels only reached by its most notable antagonists. Thus, the “Government Model” is still today at the forefront of catalogs and podiums, produced by multiple manufacturers, even its historical competitors, such as Smith & Wesson!

Warwick Tactical has been producing high-quality handguns for about thirty years. This company is a small weapons structure, characteristic of the dynamic American market. Located in Pennsylvania, the company distinguishes itself by producing high-end models, ensuring excellent performance. The brand also managed not to fall into an outrageous marketing: the productions are sober, perfectly realized, in short exceptional weapons. The range, if it includes several “families”, remains based on the “1911”. Two types of frames are available: single-stack (standard) or double-stack (high-capacity). We can decently speak of semi-artisanal production: via CNC machining, the gunsmith intervenes at each stage to check and adjust the components.

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    Julien Lucot

    Julien Lucot is an enlightened gun lover and a French shooter who has written numerous articles in the French firearms magazines. Enthusiastic and open-minded, his thirst for discovery is matched only by his joy of sharing.

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